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SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER, 2017 Vol 21 , No. 5  Lynn Rosen, Content Editor; Steve Giordano, Web Editor

  Mt. Shasta  


Kauai sailboat


  Mount Shasta
by Ted and Sylvia Blishak

Klamath County, OR: Wild and Beautiful in the Summertime
by Larry Turner
  Fortunately it is possible to get a close look at the icy peaks without a climb. Near California’s northern border, it is clearly visible from Oregon. In fact, we can see it from our living room in Klamath Falls 55 miles away—as the crow flies (although crows probably can’t reach that altitude). From the north, we see a mirror image of its shape instead of the often-photographed southern side. As a bonus, we Oregonians see its glaciers, which give us a cooling sensation even when temperatures are in the nineties.


Some locations may bring a sense of déjà vu given that nearly 80 major motion pictures and television shows have filmed on the sandy beaches, in the lush rainforests, and among the stunning geographical phenomena of Kaua’i. Most famous might be Elvis Presley’s Blue Hawaii, and most dramatic might be Jurassic Park, which included actual footage from Hurricane Iniki that hit the island during filming.

Using Klamath Falls as a starting point for summer adventuring, what follows are some day-trip suggestions. Bear in mind, all these day trips can be planned as extended camping
and lodging trips as well. Crater Lake National Park, Wood River Valley, National Refuges and Lava Beds National Monument, The Lakes,
North County Lakes and The East Side.



Goat in the Enchantments




Women at Big White get a coffee jolt




Motorcycle rider in trailer


Enchantments, Where Magic Takes Many Forms

by Lee Juillerat

Ski Big White Masters

by Yvette Cardozo

Wisconsin Veterans Ride, Join Rolling Thunder in Washington,
by Anne Siegel

  It's an area that friends and I have wanted to visit for years. But, because of a strict quota system, obtaining a permit is like winning the lottery. So when Jim Johnson, a friend of a friend, needed some companions after winning a rare permit providing access to the tightly controlled core zone, we jumped. Our reward was five amazing days of backpacking. From rigorously challenging terrain to crystalline blue lakes to curious mountain goats, the Enchantments exceeded our expectations.

Like so many things of yesteryear (vinyl records and photo slide film to name just two), ski weeks are making a comeback.

And, not surprisingly, they’re aimed at the same folks who went on these back during the ski week heyday in the 1970s and early ‘80…the boomers. The original ski week hit when the baby boom became yesterday’s millennials. They had money, they were skiing, they wanted the social experience.



On May 25, nearly 100 motorcycles rumbled for a very special reason. Riders gathered early in the morning at the Harley-Davidson Museum. After downing coffee and doughnuts and collecting their t-shirts, they eventually took to the road. It was the Wisconsin Rolling Thunder chapter's 25th anniversary ride to Washington, DC.

Called “Run to the Wall,” the ride is organized by Rolling Thunder, a
non-profit group that honors POWs, MIAs and veterans in general.

    US National Parks infographic Denmark canal


Interactive Infographic to Help
You Decide Which National Park
to Visit

High on a Danish Adventure
by Brad Hathaway




Did you know that on August 25th
the National Parks Service turned
101 years old with a fee-free day. At Sunglass Warehouse, we think that this is a great excuse to grab your hiking buddies and explore a new place. We know that with over 400 parks to choose from, it can be kind
of hard to decide which park you should venture out to. So, to point
you in the right direction, we put together a guide to help you and
all of your friends find the right excursion!






After refueling at a small smørrebød store - a kind of café serving traditional Danish open-face sandwiches of dark dense rye bread ("smørrebød" is Danish for "butter bread"), we took off on foot over canal bridges in search of the spiral steeple of Vor Frelsers Kirke (Our Savior's Church). The canals were the dominant part of our sightseeing the next day. We booked a tour that took us through the waterways of Indrehavnen (Inner Harbor), Christianhavn (Christian port) and Nyhavn (new port).



























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