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Feature stories for the Adventurous Traveler
Stories by Vicki Hoefling Andersen





MY BIGGEST ADVENTURE EVER, or How I ended Up in the Middle of the Pacific July 2023

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Timberline Lodge, Oregon April 2012

Rotorua: Adventure Capital of New Zealand's North Island February 2012

Alaska's Fur-ry Winter Rendezvous December 2011

Fiji - Experiences in Paradise Part 2 October 2011

Fiji - Experiences in Paradise Part 1 August 2011

Exploring Fiji with Captain Cook June 2011

Snowmobiling—Moon Country, Oregon February 2011

This sledhead playground is twice the size of some states, providing almost every type of terrain for which one could hunger. Trails that weave through powder-filled bowls…enormous meadows…hills to challenge the mettle of even the most seasoned enthusiast.

Celebrating the Dead and the Circle of Life in Mexico December 2010

For two ceaseless hours the drummers pounded a soul-stirring rhythm while the participants executed a centuries-old spinning and twirling version of a highly animated line dance.The first night I stumbled upon this ritual, occurring just a block from my beachfront condo in Puerto Vallarta, I was mesmerized. Delight soon followed when I found out it would be going on nightly for the next week, providing the opportunity not only for entertainment but for the chance to learn more about ancient Aztec traditions.

Ancient Cities of the Rio Bec, Mexico October 2010

Much of the Rio Bec region lies within the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, at 1.8 million acres (more than 70,000 square miles), Mexico’s largest tropical ecological reserve and one of the last rain forests in the Yucatan. It is home to howler and spider monkeys, ocelots, jaguars, pumas, and hundreds of exotic bird species. More than 1,500 varieties of plants flourish here, including several endangered species. Unlike most reserves which do not allow human habitation, around 5,000 people live within the Reserve..

Isla Mujeres: The Island of Women June 2010
Isla Mujeres has been a hubbub of activity for centuries. Prior to the 1500s, Maya traders plying the Caribbean coast relied on torches placed in strategic locations on the southern tip of the island to safely navigate these waters. Fisherman prized the island’s salt supply, invaluable for preserving their catch and as a bartering commodity. Maya women came here to worship Ixchel (EE-shell), goddess of the moon, love and fertility.

The McKenzie Pass-Santiam Pass National Scenic Byway, Oregon April 2010
There are few places where you can witness the primeval forces that shaped our land, especially back-dropped by the highest concentration of snow-capped volcanoes in the lower 48 states. The 82-mile loop McKenzie Pass-Santiam Pass National Scenic Byway, in Oregon’s Cascade Mountain Range, traverses some of the most recent volcanic lava flows in the state while tracing the path of meandering rivers, traipsing through old-growth forest, and summiting high mountain passes.

Sun Peaks, British Columbia February, 2010
As tens of thousands of sports enthusiasts make their way to the Coastal mountains of British Columbia for the 2010 Winter Olympics, in the interior of BC snow-sliders-in-the-know will indulge in many of the same activities but without the hype or crowds. They'll find better weather, drier snow, gorgeous scenery, and a tranquil ambience.

Skiing the Volcano: Mt. Bachelor, Oregon December, 2009
Explore the snow-covered slopes of Central Oregon's premier winter playground, situated on the flanks of an extinct volcano.

The Highlands of Guatemala October, 2009
Venture into the Highlands of Guatemala, a land of smoking volcanoes, an important Colonial-era capital, and ancient and present-day cities of the Maya.

Crested Butte, Colorado, in the Summer August, 2009
World-class ski mountain and former mining enclave, summer visitors to the funky town of Crested Butte and its sister mountain resort enjoy a cornucopia of activities.

Northern Oregon Coast: Lewis & Clark Meet the Pacific June, 2009
Lewis and Clark’s final destination is now a hotbed of arts and crafts galleries, beckoning beaches and surf breaks.

Belize: The Eastern Edge  April, 2009
Strewn with ancient Maya trading and ceremonial centers, Mennonite communities, and the world’s first jaguar preserve, eastern Belize is an amazing mix of cultures and attractions.

Snowmobiling West Yellowstone, Montana  February, 2009
Visit America’s first National Park without the crowds and traffic jams, bordered by some great play areas for snowmobile enthusiasts.

A Marriage of Man & Machine - Ski-Joring  December, 2008
If you love winter sports, ski-joring will challenge your skills and put a grin on your face and the fellow sled heads and snowsliders you encounter.

Halloween in Paradise: Lahaina, Maui (Hawaii) October, 2008
Former capital of the Hawaiian Islands and 19th century capital of the Pacific whaling industry, ghouls and goblins now rock Lahaina on All Hallows Eve.

Digging Ancient Dirt: The John Day Fossil Beds, Oregon  August, 2008
Eons of volcanic mayhem preserved one of the world’s richest fossil treasure houses and gave birth to stunning geological landscapes.

Creation of the Cascade Mountains  April, 2008
Beginning 50 million years ago, massive eruptions in the Pacific Northwest gave birth to a unique playground for year-round recreation and exploration.

Skiing the Mammoth, California  February, 2008
The name accurately describes this Sierra resort with its nearly 30 lifts accessing over 3,500 acres of terrain blanketed with more than 400” of snow each year.

Two-Wheel RVing (Aboard a Motorcycle)  December, 2007
Adding an adventurous dimension to motorcycle travel, towing an “RV” behind your iron stead is a tried-and-true method for attracting fellow campers.

Life Along the Rio La Pasion, Guatemala  October, 2007
Trade route for the ancient Maya and highway for present-day residents, this river carving its way through the rainforest of northern Guatemala serves as a food pantry, laundromat and wildlife domain.

Oahu: The Gathering Place (Hawaii)  August, 2007
Home to State government, world-famous surfing destinations and tourist-packed but history-rich Waikiki, the commercial center of Hawaii is a bustling and paradoxical island.

Belize: The Western Frontier  June, 2007
A potpourri of jungle lodges, forest reserves, isolated rivers and traces of a mighty Maya civilization swathe the western portion of former British Honduras.

Roaming Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula  April, 2007
Colonial towns lend balance to modern seaside resorts, nearly all of them built atop or adjacent to ancient Maya cities.

Grand Targhee, Wyoming - Skiing the Jewel of the Tetons  February, 2007
Unbelievable powder snow and scenery makes Targhee a gem still undiscovered by the majority of snowsliders.

Alaska Snowmobiling  December, 2006
Too few sled heads make the worthwhile pilgrimage to this land of endless mountain vistas, frozen waterfalls, countless hillclimbs, and unexpected moose encounters.

Victoria, British Columbia (Canada)  October, 2006
Originally an outpost of the Hudson Bay Company, this charming city offers visitors a mixed vibe of Old and modern England.

Kauai Quest (Hawaii)  August, 2006
With a wide variety of adventures enabling exploration of the Garden Isle, Kauai is gaining a well deserved reputation as the Discovery capital of Hawaii.

Renaissance Faires  June, 2006
Mayhap thee should visit for thyself the realm of dancing damsels and jousting knights and see how a day spent in a colorful and fun-filled fantasy brings history to life.

Lords of the Peten, Guatemala  April, 2006
First settled as far back as 1000 BCE and a center of Classic Maya civilization, the remote Petén region abounds with jungle wildlife and amazing archeological sites.

Driving the Road to Hana, Maui (Hawaii)  February, 2006
It may be one of the most hyped scenic drives in the world, but a trip along the flower-festooned and waterfall-bejeweled road winding along a rainforest coastline is an adventure to be savored.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico  June, 2005
This popular vacation destination, although catering to its Norte Americano visitors, still retains an appealing charm with its cobblestone streets leading from the sands of the Bahia Banderas into the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountains.

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