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NOVEMBER, 2014 Vol 18 , No. 6  Lynn Rosen, Content Editor; Steve Giordano, Web Editor

  Croatia beach


We spent one week bicycling islands and another touring the living history cities of Split and Dubrovnik (another story). During these two weeks, we learned why Croatia is a place known to travel-savvy Europeans. A sense of Old World Europe was among the highlights of our bicycling-sailing week....more

  Mountain train

TRAIN MOUNTAIN RAILROAD. by Sylvia and Ted Blishak
Here's an idea for your dream retirement. You wake up in your new home listening to the wind soughing in a pine forest in southern Oregon. Your own model train awaits on 7.5" track right outside your front door. You climb aboard, start it up, and move off your siding to the main line, which features over 35 miles of track....more


  Park Cith spa hand treatment

PARK CITY FOOD+HISTORY TOUR+some skiing, by Yvette Cardozo

Okay, how can you NOT want to try Polygamy Porter, a Utah beer whose tag line is “Why have just one?” And there was the story of the “Boston” tea...er beer...party, complete with locals in colonial dress, and kegs being emptied into the Great Salt Lake to protest a tax on beer....more

  Iceland river crossing

ICELAND OFF-ROAD by Vicki Hoefling Andersen
An early Viking settler named this area Thorsmork, dedicating the region to Thor, the Norse god of thunder. A trio of intertwined valleys are guarded on three sides by active glacier-draped volcanoes, dotted with backcountry huts, and laced with popular hiking trails including one of Iceland’s most famous, Fimmvorduhals....more

  Zanzibar textile market


Getting lost in Stone Town is like stepping into a living museum in which the traveler becomes a part of its crumbling glory. But there is an advantage in having a guide who can relate the city’s history....more




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