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JULY/AUGUST, 2017 Vol 21 , No. 4  Lynn Rosen, Content Editor; Steve Giordano, Web Editor

  Cycling through Okanagan vineyard Wisconsin private railway car Sailboat  

by Yvette Cardozo

Mystical Kaua’i
by Vicki Hoefling Andersen


Wineries always seem to be perched on some ridge. Waaaay up along some ridge. At the end of a gravel road. And you’re on a bicycle.
        How many wineries have I done by bike?
       How many hills? Too many.          So when I learned of a way to do this on a bike...WITH AN ELECTRIC ASSIST MOTOR...I signed up.


Private railcars are the ones you sometimes see, painted in the different colors of bygone railroads, on the rear of Amtrak trains. Often owned by individuals, they occasionally are rented to well-heeled individuals such as Bill Gates. The considerable price, at about $8,000 or $9,000 per day,
puts most of us out of the market.

Some locations may bring a sense of déjà vu given that nearly 80 major motion pictures and television shows have filmed on the sandy beaches, in the lush rainforests, and among the stunning geographical phenomena of Kaua’i. Most famous might be Elvis Presley’s Blue Hawaii, and most dramatic might be Jurassic Park, which included actual footage from Hurricane Iniki that hit the island during filming.


Klamath Lake of the Woods


Slovenia Klek pasture

Phillippines lunch in a creek


  Klamath County, OR: Wild and Beautiful in the Summertime
by Larry Turner

Fast Times in Slovenia:
Alpine Peaks, Amazing Caves, Mountain Villages

by Lee Juillerat

Southeast Asia Sampler
by Brad Hathaway

  Using Klamath Falls as a starting point for summer adventuring, what follow are some day-trip suggestions. Bear in mind, all these day trips can be planned as extended camping
and lodging trips as well. Crater Lake National Park, Wood River Valley, National Refuges and Lava Beds National Monument, The Lakes,
North County Lakes and The East Side.

Slovenia, formerly part of Yugoslavia, is one of Europe's
least known countries. Ask most folks and they'll reply with a
Where's Waldo? double-take.  I did. What I learned is that Slovenia is a country of two million. That's the size of New Jersey. It's bordered
by Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia and the Adriatic Ocean. The mountains, part of the Julian Alps, channel Switzerland. Piran is a coastal city often called a little Venice.


Landfall in the Philippines was a sunlit delight. We opted to skip downtown tours of Manilla. Instead, we traveled south to the Laguna area where we visited Villa Escudero Plantation, which presented both the tackiest and the most enjoyable offerings of our time in the Philippines. Tacky...the pink-painted museum which housed an odd and oddly curated collection of religious paraphernalia. Enjoyable...lunch at tables anchored in mid-stream below the waterfall of the plantation's hydroelectric plant.

  Dog passenger American Gothic house    
  Wisconsin Veterans Ride, Join Rolling Thunder in Washington,
by Anne Siegel

American Gothic
by Susan Cohn




On May 25, nearly 100 motorcycles rumbled for a very special reason. Riders gathered early in the morning at the Harley-Davidson Museum.
After downing coffee and doughnuts and collecting their t-shirts, they eventually took to the road. It was the Wisconsin Rolling Thunder chapter's 25th anniversary ride to Washington, DC.

Called “Run to the Wall,” the ride is organized by Rolling Thunder, a
non-profit group that honors POWs, MIAs and veterans in general.


A dour farmer, wearing overalls and a jacket and clutching a pitchfork, poses rigidly next to a pinch-faced, apron-clad woman who gazes sideways into the distance. Behind them is seen a modest white farmhouse whose second floor window has a pointed arch. Unlikely subjects for what is now one of the most recognized paintings in the world, but this tourist attraction is what Grant Wood’s American Gothic has become since he painted it in 1930 for a competition at the Art Institute of Chicago.
























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