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MARCH/APRIL, 2018 Vol 22 , No. 2  
Lynn Rosen, Content Editor; Steve Giordano, Web Editor

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Whistler Peak 2 Creek

WHISTLER-BLACKCOMB: Good for What Ails You
by Larry Turner

Whistler-Blackcomb is so vast that they have two maps which you should keep in your ski or board jacket. There is the extensive main mountain map with all of the runs. Then there is the relatively new supplemental map called The Wonder Routes with eight choices that the hale and hearty could ski in a week or less.


Victoria prawns

by Yvette Cardozo

I’ve just found the world’s fittest athletes: Commercial prawn fishermen. One of the guys grabbed a handle, swung out and landed, deftly, in the squeeze of empty space between bins and assorted equipment. For me, the boat pushed off, came around and picked me up at the public dock where all I had to do was swing my leg over the side. Whew.


by Ted Blishak

It was just a routine physical. I listened to my doctor in disbelief. "You have Type II diabetes," he announced. "You can go ahead with your Alaska cruise next week. It's your choice. You can enjoy all the ice cream, fine wines, gourmet food, and irresistible desserts -- or lose weight and save your pancreas. In fact, you must lose weight immediately."



Whitewater Ski Area



Schweitzer ski




Vancouver BC Aboriginal Tourism


WHITEWATER'S 20-CM RULE: Going for Fresh Powder in BC
by Lee Juillerat

by Vicki Hoefling Andersen

Aboriginal Tourism in Vancouver, British Columbia
by Lynn Rosen


It's called the "20-Centimeter Rule." Around the southern British Columbia town of Nelson, a vibrant burg of nearly 10,000 people on the western shores of Kootenay Lake in the Selkirk Mountains, when 20 centimeters, or about 8 inches, of snow falls overnight, it's understood that townspeople can disappear for the morning to take advantage of fresh powder skiing at nearby Whitewater Ski Area.

Nestled in the Selkirk Mountains of Idaho’s panhandle, overlooking 143-square-mile Lake Pend Oreille (ponderay), exists a wondrous find of deep snow, challenging terrain and fabulous vistas. In a region known for its outdoor opportunities and laid-back style of living, the secret of Schweitzer Mountain Resort is still largely undiscovered.




For a taste of legitimate aboriginal tourism in the Pacific Northwest, put Vancouver, B.C. first at the top of your list. The Listel Hotel in the West End of Vancouver, is a great start where you can stay on the Museum floor which features original Northwest coast art.  Venture out to the Museum of Anthropology at UBC, and then to other aboriginal venues in this rich city that sits on Musqueam land.



Scotland cafe window




Disney Marathon 2018


Camping WA cover photo


by Brad Hathaway

by Anne Siegel

For a link to the book, click here



Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh, can be a great jumping-off point for trips up into the Highlands - and down into the Low. But before heading out of the city of half a million Scots, there are things to see and do. First off, however, learn to say "Edinburrah" and not "Edinburg" or you will suffer cutting glances from the Scots.


My daughter Julia signed up for the January 2018 race, which promised to be a special one as it commemorated the race’s 25th anniversary. The first event in 1994 attracted 8,200 runners. Today, more than 25,000 runners competed on a course that now runs through four Disney theme parks and winds up in the EPCOT parking lot.




Steve Giordano and Lynn Rosen just co-authored their Falcon Press, "Camping Washington," the third edition of their guide to more than 400 public campgrounds in the Pacific Northwest state. Along with vital information on location, road conditions, facilities, fees, etc, the guide provides tips on camping etiquette, camping with kids (and teenagers), bike camping and enjoying and/or avoiding wildlife. 



Infected in Denver


Powder to the people




How to get better in Boulder, CO (and find time for a few turns)
by Christopher Elliott

by Susan Cohn


Powder Mountain, Snowbasin stir memories of Olympics past -- and a few thrills
by Christopher Elliott



On a Colorado ski trip, dad and one of the three kids got the flu. What to do? Boulder is all about wellness. In town, we discovered several apothecaries that emphasize natural remedies, including Six Persimmons and Rebecca's Herbal Apothecary. These look like something straight out of a Harry Potter movie.

One of the loveliest and most historic cities in the United States is Annapolis, Maryland, incorporated in 1708 and the nation’s capital from November 1783 until August 1784. When visiting the town, and stepping back to the 18th century, what could be more appropriate than listening to all the news from the Internet of that day…a town crier?

They're not as close to Salt Lake City and they don't have the million-dollar marketing budgets. This lack of hype could lead you to believe you're in the middle of nowhere, when, in fact, you're somewhere really special.





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