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JANUARY/FEBRUARY, 2017 Vol 21 , No. 1  Lynn Rosen, Content Editor; Steve Giordano, Web Editor


Mt. Hood Skyway bus gondola



Cataract Canyon above the rapids




The Dalles, Oregon


Oregon Mt. Hood's Ski Saga
by Vicki Hoefling Andersen


Wild Times in Cataract Canyon
by Lee Juillerat


Adventuring in The Dalles, Oregon
by Larry Turner


Another short-lived dream to access Timberline came in the form of the Skiway, America’s second aerial tram. Based on the sky-hook system used by loggers to move huge timber, it utilized city buses on a cable supported by a three-mile swath of towers from lower Government Camp to Timberline. Operating from 1951-53, it proved slow, unprofitable and unpopular.


Big Drop 1 was more than a drop in the bucket, with waves that towered over our raft. I felt like a mouse being attacked by a famished eagle. “What are you going to write about?” Brad had asked a night earlier. “Just have to wait and see what happens,” I’d replied. After Big Drop 2, I had my hook. Be sure to check the video of the drops.


Location, location, location in many ways describes The Dalles. Located at the entrance (if heading west on 84) of the Columbia River Gorge, The Dalles is steeped in a rich history of the First Americans, the early fur trapper explorers, Lewis and Clark and the first wagon-trains traveling the historic Oregon Trail.



Sandrifter backpack review







Buick Electra





Prize chicken for Mardi Gras


Got Great Gear/Will Travel
by Lynn Rosen


Hitting the Road in Dreamy Style
A Memoir By Ted Blishak


Louisiana Mardi Gras
by Yvette Cardozo


Like a good table wine, the drifter goes well with everything. Haul all your athletic gear to the club while riding your bike, load it with groceries at the market, take it on mountain hikes, pack it to class at the U or make it your go-to bag for traveling anywhere in the world.




“HEY, MAN, that’s atomic!” said the kid with the crew cut. His eyes popped as he leaned out of his Fotomat drive-up window and eyed my rental car. “Look at that dashboard! And those lines--it’s half a block long! What is it, a Buick?” This was no ordinary rental car, but a pale-pink 1960 Buick Electra convertible.


What became a legal holiday in Louisiana in 1875 has its roots in ancient Rome where wild pagan parties were folded into the new Christian faith.

Lake Charles wanted a kinder, gentler version. We’re talking nine parades, a chicken run with waist-high tykes chasing across the landscape, couples in matching feather costumes, sweet cherubs in party dresses...



















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