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By Steve Giordano

Suzi was 8 when she underwent a traumatic medical procedure 2,000 miles from home. Her mother asked friends and clients to please send her amusing emails to keep her spirits up, so I did. And I kept doing it, every few days for almost two years now. Suzi is fine, by the way, but enjoys the smiles and laughs so much that I wouldn't dare to stop having so much fun. Here are three of the emails:

First email to Suzi

Attention Suzi - Your email from MrGo is about to begin.

Hi Suzi,

MrGo is my nickname because when I was a school teacher the kids couldn't pronounce my last name - Giordano - so they shortened it to Go.

Here are some pictures just for fun:

Elephant and girl
Ballet class
Well hello yourself!
Be the girl on the right
  Actual size label   2-legged chair  
Do you think that's true?

OK, modern chair design has gone too far.
  Baby in pumpkin field   Basketball is my girlfriend t-shirt  
I think he found the pumpkin he wants to roll home.
Boys! Just as well they don't bother you for now.


Keep smiling, MrGo

Second email to Suzi

Hi Suzi,

Dog-stacking is not a big problem for most people, or most dogs for that matter, but my daughter sometimes has 5 or 6 dogs for long stays in her studio apartment. That's a lotta dogs in one room, so they really do need to be stacked to make good use of the small space.

Like this arrangement just won't do:

Three pugs

It's just not very tidy and anybody could roll onto the floor at any time, making it hard for the human to get around.

Now I'm sure you'll agree that this arrangement is much better:

Three pugs

This is a very efficient use of space and the best part is the dogs arranged themselves - very well trained, wouldn't you say?

Keep smiling, MrGo

Third email to Suzi

Hi Suzi,

Have you ever seen something like this before?

Inside of cello

It's like an interesting old room, or subway station, but do you see the musically shaped lighting? It's actually the inside of a cello. Just for size, here's the outside of a cello:

Cello playing

Playing a cello looks like fun to me.

Keep Smiling, MrGo

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