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Getting There: Jerusalem is now within the borders of Israel. Due to the expense and significant research time required to develop a satisfactory visit to Jerusalem, many travelers opt to plan a trip through a tour operator. This is definitely advised if you are on limited time for the trip or in making your plans. Isram World is recommended as a competent and trusted tour service provider, and it handles group as well as independent touring, with travel from the U.S. They can be reached at Tel: 800.223.7460 Fax: 212.370.1477, or via their Web site, below. Depending on your U.S. departure city, airlines which service Tel Aviv, Israel include Air Canada, Air France, Alitalia, Lufthansa, Swiss Air, and TWA. You can find the Web sites and phone numbers on this site’s Airlines page.

Public buses connect Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. If you desire to drive, major auto rental companies, such as Hertz and Avis, have rental locations in Tel Aviv and other major cities. Web sites and phone numbers for auto rental agencies are found on this site’s Autos page.

A very viable option for a quick tour of Jerusalem is a cruise which stops in an Israeli port. A number of cruise lines have ships which include Israel in their itineraries. For example, Royal Olympic Cruise Lines has cruises which include Egypt and the Holy Land (Phone: 212-397-6400, or call your travel agent).

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Dung Gate Staying There: Staying in Israel is relatively expensive. Accommodations range from budget to luxury hotels. The top of the line in luxury and convenience is the King David Hotel, just outside the Old City across from the Jaffa Gate Starting rate for a standard room in low season is approximately $250/night, phone: 972-2-6208882, email: danhtls@danhotels.co.il. Fodor's Israel provides a listing of other recommended lodging alternatives. A good source for travel information in the Middle East, including Jerusalem is Istanbul to Cairo Overland. It provides a good history of the the Middle East and Palestine, as well as recommendations for lodging and eating establishements.These and other guidebooks are available through the Travel Bookstore.

Fast Facts: Israel occupies 8,000 square miles and its population is 6 million, with 4.8 million Jews and 1.2 million Arabs. Currently the Gaza Strip and West Bank lands in the domain occupied by Israel also include 1.6 million Palestinians. Jerusalem is the Holy City for the Jews and Christians, and the third most Holy City for the Muslims. See Palestine’s Incredible History, for a historical summary of Palestine and the Holy City.

Useful WWW sites for Jerusalem are:
Interactive Israel: Hotels, dining, history, museums, etc.

Accommodation Association of Jerusalem: B&Bs and apartments

Virtual Jerusalem Tour: Photos of the Jerusalem Gates and holy sites

Isram World of Travel: Individual and group tours to Israel and Jordan

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