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Black Hole

Short Story by Les Furnanz  October 1, 2009

Page 10 - Encore

David raised his glass again, "Salut, mes amis," he offered for the third time of the evening. "I will miss you all. It is amazing the success we have had together. And thank you again for this wonderful meal," he toasted Raphael and his wife and Michel.

Their activity had been non-stop since they had exited the cave two days earlier. They had filed charges against Jules and Arnaud, now jailed in Cahors. Today a team from Pech Merle had viewed the chamber and decided to pursue research and cataloguing of the site. David felt confident this effort would lead to the collaboration he desired in eventually opening the cave to the public.

David shook his head in awe as he realized that it was only two weeks since he'd arrived in Marcilhac. He could now return home feeling assured that Raphael would continue the work to open the cave. His father's dream, now shared by Raphael, Michel and himself, was becoming reality.

As he again sipped the Célé Valley wine, David reflected that he would be returning often to spend time with his new friends, enjoy this unique land, share it with his wife. Perhaps someday they would build a summer home here...





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