Compression socks

Review by Lynn Rosen, photos courtesy of Sarah Castro and Sydney Bennett
  Compression stockings for diabetics   Compression socks for diabetics  
These thigh-high compression stockings are prescribed by medical doctors and cost around $128.
These knee-high compression socks are prescribed as diabetic treatment and cost about $51.

Ugh! Compression stockings? Thick, unattractive, flesh-colored thigh- and knee-highs you used to see worn only by your granny or your pregnant pals?

Compression socks have been most widely known for their medical benefits such as treatment of varicose veins, spider veins, and lymphedema. Often these compression socks are extremely tight (20mmHg+) and uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. We all understand the benefits of wearing these socks, but they havenʻt been stylish and theyʻre extremely expensive. Well, not anymore. Compression socks have now become the less expensive “go-to” for athletes, travelers, and everyday people.

  Compression knee socks   Compression knee socks  
Fashion-forward people swear by this new wardrobe addition and circulatory health.
Athletes sport their healthy compression socks at local pubs after their games.

There has been a sea change in the industry from the socks’ well-known medical application into a brand new iteration of these frumpy leg restraints. Dr. Motion’s fashionable, colorful compression socks enhance athletic benefits such as improved performance and speedy recovery, and at the same time jazz up a wardrobe with some comfort thrown in for good measure. AND they won’t break your bank.

  Men's compression socks   Compression socks for expectant mother  
Dr. Motion socks go perfectly well with men’s office wear in any community.
Expecting mothers welcome these new, more comfortable compression socks.

These knee-high compression socks for women and men feature a mild compression level (8-15mmHg) which make them extremely comfortable to wear all day, every day. They are perfect for nurses, expecting mothers, teachers, travelers, athletes, service industry professionals, adventurers, those who sit all day, those who stand all day, etc. Basically, they are great for everyone.

  Compression knee socks   Compression knee socks  
Everyday wardrobe choices benefit those legs and circulation.
No question that these socks be stylin’ while they be healin.’


Dr. Motion’s socks are designed to fit into everyone’s daily outfits with styles that range from compression ankle socks, graduated compression tights (with control top), comfort top socks (that are suitable for diabetics) and compression quarter top socks (with ankle support). Here below are some details for outdoor compression socks. See website link at the end of this review for more information on other styles.

  Compression socks on a bike rider   Compression socks on camper  
Dr. Motion’s fancy compressors work for all outdoor activities like
Whoo-hoo. Camping in these socks just makes life more fun and healthy.


• Outdoor compression socks are also crucial for fall hikes and activities. Designed to pair with hiking boots, these stylish and durable socks are nothing like the compression socks of yesteryear. 
• They feature comfortable all day compression, arch support, flat toe seams, and non-binding cuffs for better circulation and comfort.
• Socks are crafted from ultra-functional cotton/TruDry polyester blend.
• They are warm, moisture-wicking and breathable.
• The smooth toe reduces friction that can lead to blisters.
• Graduated compression (8-20mmHg) provides extra support.
• Fabric is infused with anti-odor and antimicrobial properties.
• They are durable and hold their shape in the wash. 
• They are available in crew and knee-high to pair with any height boot for men and women.
• Price: $10.

According to their website, Dr. Motion products have been thoroughly wear-tested, lab-tested, continuously tweaked, and improved until the brand is confident that every pair of socks is the perfect pair of socks. Follow them on Instagram @dr.motion and visit for more information. 

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