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Story by Steve Giordano, Photos courtesy MoonBikes

MoonBike electric snowcycle
MoonBike electric snowbike available November 2022

MoonBikes are electric snowmobiles (they’re actually called snowbikes) with the torque and power of an electric vehicle. Founder Nicolas Muron says “My goal was to utilize my experience as an aerospace engineer to create a unique way to explore winter with an ultra-light electric vehicle, that is easy to use, quiet, sustainable, and above all, fun to ride.”

It must work as he says because the first production run of 500 machines (at $8,500 a pop) sold-out in the U.S. in under two months via its direct-to-consumer site. MoonBikes is anticipating an even higher demand next season. 


And the company has just launched its premiere limited edition of 200 black MoonBikes (above), available for pre-order now for $8,900 while supplies last for expected delivery in November 2022, just in time for the winter ski season. One hundred are for the US market, while 400 of the earlier white and black/red styles will be available in the US.

Some stats: Moonbikes are 88 inches long, 30 inches wide and 40 inches tall. They weigh 182 pounds and can cruise at a speed up to 26 mph max. They will go 22 miles in eco mode, or 12-15 miles in sport mode. Double the distances with a second battery and charger for $1,900. The MoonBikes snowbike is only one-third the size of the average snowmobile. 

There are no specific laws for driving these machines so the company advises following the local rules for snowmobiles.

Comments Founder and CEO Nicolas Muron: “If we can cut emissions from snowmobiles and off-highway vehicles on the trails and backroads and move to a more eco-conscious option, that’s a step in the right direction.”  

  MoonBike electric snowbike  
MoonBike electric snowbike

In Europe, over forty ski resorts, hotels, restaurants, and rental operations have purchased MoonBikes to provide their staff and customers an alternative for winter travel and exploration. MoonBikes has signed partnerships with several private facilities and retailers in North America and is expected to mirror the European expansion to resorts over the next year.
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