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Story and photos by Lynn Rosen


Just a short reminder since it’s it’s that time of year when camping season is upon us and you do not want to be out in the wilderness without a substantial cuppa java. When you’re out on the trail, hiking and/or camping far from your favorite barista, what’s one of your biggest cravings? A darned good cup of coffee? Well, crave no more – Steeped Coffee to the rescue.

Steeped coffee packs
Steeped Coffee brand offers five different roasts
from mild to dark, plus decaffeinated.

This specialty coffee in a single-serve bag is a simple concept. If you can make tea, you can make Steeped Coffee. All you need is a source of hot water and a cup or glass. The big difference lies in the exquisite hand roasting of premium direct trade specialty coffees from around the world packaged in compostable materials with a nitro-seal which removes oxygen, the enemy of fresh roasted coffee for sure. The bags are ultrasonically sealed with no glues, staples or wasted materials for maximum steeping. And there’s no powder here – only real coffee. Here’s the simple answer to really good coffee anytime, anywhere. No machines, pods, equipment or extra plastic packaging – just darned good coffee.

  Steeping coffee   Steeping coffee   Steeped coffee  
First, open the compostable packaging and put the Steeped Bag in your cup.

Next, pour hot water over the Steeped Coffee Bag.

Then, leave the Steeped Bag in the cup for preferred taste/strength. Drink after five-plus minutes.

Prices and roast choices differ, but you can order a 20-pack (2 packs of each blend) lineup collection for $15. See website for sales and more information about pricing, combinations of different roasts and other coffee-related mugs and pots, visit https://steepedcoffee.com/.
(BTW, even coffee snobs love this coffee.)

About the Author

  Lynn Rosen is an Emmy award-winning TV broadcaster, producer and director, and has been on the Journalism and Theatre faculties at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Wash. She’s also a theater critic, travel writer, published author, fearless skier and belongs to the American Theatre Critics Association (ATCA) and the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW).   Lynn Rosen