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To Keep Sane During These Corona Virus Times
Story and photos by Yvette Cardozo

High on Adventure, May 2020

  Interestingly, when I went to find tomato seeds online, I was surprised to find that many seed suppliers have, well, run out of seeds. Apparently it is a time-honored habit to head for the garden in times of stress. A recent news story I saw mentioned this happened during the 2008 recession and also, during WWII (Victory gardens) and during the Depression.

Now, it apparently is a combo of sheer boredom, wanting a bit of ‘safe’ exercise and our bedrock survival instincts. But, since my potatoes have yet to wake up and the lettuce is two inches tall, I don’t think my garden will prevent starvation for me just yet.
  Lettuce start  
  Gardening   However, I’ve taken to combining a neighborhood walk with preparing the raised beds for the coming season and planting what I can while nightly temperatures are still hovering here in the mid 30s. That means onion and lettuce starts plus potatoes. Maybe next week mustard greens and carrot seeds.

And I know spring is here ... the mice have found my lettuce, hence the soda bottles which combine a homegrown greenhouse with some rodent protection. Plant seeds, be well, stay sane.

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