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JULY/AUGUST, 2020 Vol 24 , No. 4 (OUR 24TH YEAR!)  
Lynn Rosen, Content Editor; Steve Giordano, Web Editor

HOA Editor’s Note: July/August 2020

All of us here at High On Adventure recognize that due to the coronavirus, life and travel for everyone remain in flux. In spite of our current circumstances, it is our mission to continue bringing interesting yet relevant and helpful stories to our readers. Most travel is still shut down across the globe. In our world of adventure travel, plans are either still on hold, have been amended or cancelled. Even most local travel has been restricted and today’s adventures consist of going to the pharmacy or grocery, a walk or bike ride, a Zoom meeting for an exercise class or Happy Hour with friends and family. In some areas, business has opened up, but with new cases being reported, caution still is of the utmost.

The New York Times has cancelled its print version of their Travel section as they felt it was “out of step.” But instead of canceling our publication, we will continue to bring you some of our recent adventures along with some relevant stories that address our current circumstances in the hopes that our brave and stunning writers can bring you information to make your present travel disruptions more manageable and your future travel plans richer and more sensible and secure.

At press time, we know that the COVID-19 situation is still unfolding. We hope that our stories bring you some armchair travel delights and prepare you for whatever roadblocks you might encounter along your highways. Stay home, be well, wear your masks when you must go out, social distance and wash those paws. We’ll be back again in September when we all hope we can safely go out and explore a bit farther from home.


prr steel caboose






Alvord space



by the late Ted Blishak
, our longtime railroad sage


Spring training on my roof - teaching the young to open clams.

by Steve Giordano


by Larry Turner


Many Americans spend hard-earned dollars to find, purchase, and move retired railroad cabooses to their property, often many miles from the nearest rail line.

What wakes me up way too early is a murder of crows having cawcawphony and clams for breakfast on the roof above my bedroom.


I’m fortunate to be impacted less than most because I live in a rural area with large empty spaces surrounding me ...


Acid ball on Bellingham waterfront


Peter the Great statue in Moscow


John Hamilton of KGO



by Yvette Cardozo

Red Square, Subway Art, Circus and River Cruise

by Lee Juillerat


by Lynn Rosen


This story is about food. About other things, surely. But somehow, what we did most in Olympia, then Seattle and finally, Bellingham, WA, during this summer trip through the Pacific NW was ... eat. And drink.

Moscow provided a tumble of memories, but several–a river cruise, circus, subway art, Kremlin and Red Square–are those that persist.



John Hamilton has gone on to his next reward. We take this opportunity to celebrate our colleague’s long and hearty life as a world-wide traveler, and his valuable contributions to his listeners about the world of travel.

  Airplane wing


Oregon highway



Ready to travel again? What you need to know about tourism's grand opening
© by Christopher Elliott

What it's like to take a road trip now?

© by Christopher Elliott

  If you're ready to travel again, the travel industry is ready for you. More than ready. But there are a few things you need to know about tourism's grand opening that might surprise you.



You probably won't find the 788-mile drive from Spokane, Wash., to Reno, Nev., on any top 10 lists. It's a two-day journey through the farmland and mountains of Oregon and Idaho. But if you're looking for an idea of what it's like to take a road trip now, there may be no better gauge.





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