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Story and images by Lynn Rosen and Steve Giordano

High on Adventure, November 2019

myCharge box
  myCharge folded  

Caught in the wilderness without an electrical outlet, your batteries have drained and you need to call for help? Or even need to call for contact or send an email? The myCharge Solar Charger - POWERFold 8000 mAh Power Bank to the rescue. This is a compact solar charger that folds out to charge in the sun and then folds in for easy carrying and charging any device.

  myCharge sun charger   myCharge computer charging  

The myCharge POWERFold is designed to operate as a solar charger and absorbs its power through solar panels when placed in a sunbath. But it seems to works a bit faster and more efficiently if you give it a head start by charging it first from a wall socket or from your computer.

It’s a hassle-free, portable, light-weight solution to charging your devices on the road or when you’re camping, hiking, skiing, in any way enjoying the wilderness off the grid. This solar powered power bank could save an important call or even a life.

myCharge battery usage
  myCharge flashlight  

Powerbank is detachable from the solar panel fold-out and includes a very bright flashlight on its backside. This portable charger for camping and outdoor use has two USB ports and, with four hours of solar charging, provides 1X extra battery power.

The myCharge Solar Charger is available for $59.90 at the following link.


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