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You CAN get there from here, no matter what
by Steve Giordano

High on Adventure, May 2019

Since the rise of cities, humans have strived against all odds to escape and get back to the wilderness to refresh themselves. Whether it's camping trips, climbing distant mountain peaks, or just day trips to nearby parks, the quest for outdoor experiences is part of our DNA. We can't all just pick up and go on our own two feet, however. Our personal abilities and handicaps are all different, and some of us need some help to get there from here. These photos are a few examples of ways to go about it:

  Litter ride up Huangshan Mountain   Wheeled litter ride up Patagonian mountain  
Like an Emperor, High on Adventure writer Habeeb Salloum at age 86 being carried up Huangshan Mountain, a UNESCO Heritage site and the most famous of China’s mountains.

Pategonian trek in Torres del Paine National Park. The wheelchair is free to use with trained  volunteers, available by reservation at
EcoCamp Patagonia.
Photo by Pedro Paredes Haz, courtesy of OZY
  Hand-crank tricycle   Terrain Hopper  

Hand-powered tricycle is one of many adaptive vehicles available from the Outdoors for All Foundation. It offers year-round outdoor recreational activities in the Pacific Northwest.


Newly available in the US in 2019, the electric TerrainHopper has 4WD, independent suspension and 10 inches of ground clearance. This vehicle is allowed anywhere in the US where
people are allowed.



Clearly the TerrainHopper offers the most independence for the passenger. Battery powered, it travels at 6-13 mph and has a range of 15 to 30+miles on a charge.

The tires, suspension, seating and steering resemble an off-road utility vehicle. The design has many features that allow people with many types of disabilities to get out and enjoy nature.

The hopper, which is four-wheel drive, has a starting base price around $17,000. Each tire has its own electric motor. Combined with the independent suspension, the T-Hopper can take its passenger way out beyond just a gravel trail. It’s built for dirt, snow and sand and can safely crawl up some steep inclines.

As an Other Power-Driven Mobility Device (OPDMD), the TerrainHopper can be used by a mobility-impaired person anywhere a pedestrian is allowed. This includes public beaches, state and national parks, hiking trails and sidewalks.  The TerrainHopper can make access to favorite hunting grounds, fishing holes, camp sites, hiking trails, beaches or any other adventure possible for people who otherwise would never be able to enjoy these outdoor adventures. The vehicles are completely customizable to particular needs of individuals, and are even operable with joy sticks.

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