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by Lynn Rosen

High on Adventure, January 2019



Do you see monsters in the closet? Fall down the stairs? Grab the poison instead of the cereal? Untangle electrical wires? Find bugs hiding in the closet? Well, you definitely need the BUTTON LAMP! This small miracle will not only save the day but will save you from the headaches of wiring and those dangers in the dark.

  Button Lamp package   Button Lamp  

Tiny but mighty, the BUTTON LAMP has an adhesive on its backside so it can stick in a dark closet, a drawer, camping tent or you can just leave the seal over the sticky tape and throw it in your pocket for emergencies. Its LED 13 Lumen power is bright enough to light walkways and stairways and its battery life will last more than 17 hours. Another bonus - it’s weather resistant and graded for outdoor use as well.

  Button Lamp   Button Lamp  

This tiny but mighty light will swoop in and save the day from common lighting problems. It’s economical, about the size of a quarter, as bright as a traditional lamp and able to light corners, crevices and closets with a single toggle switch. One package of six button lamps sell for $9.99 at most hardware stores, or at https://www.panthervision.com/button-lamp/.


  Sandmat on beach   Yoga on Sandmat  

Had it with bringing the beach home with you? There’s an easy solution that will also keep the sand (and picnic dirt) out of your lunch, your magazine, and your pants! The SANDLITE Mat is just what it says - it keeps you sand-free.

  Sandmat on lawn   Couple on Sandmat  

After some skeptical sideways disbelief, the proof was in the using. The mat is not just like any other towel or picnic blanket. Sand does actually sift through this lightweight, new-weave fabric that lets sand and dirt through the top layer and traps it on a second layer beneath. On occasion, you might want to spread a beach towel or blanket over the mat. Although it’s soft and smooth, a softer cotton fabric may be more comfortable on your skin.

Here's a video that demonstrates how the fabric works.

Due to SANDLITE’S quick-dry and light weight material, its use is broader than just serving as a sand-free beach mat. It can be used for picnics or any outdoor occasion - great for camping. The fabric weave also allows wind to go through its surface rather than flapping it around in the breeze. And if you spill a drink on the top layer, the liquid will bead and easily wipe off. It folds into a small carrying bag and comes in multiple colors, patterns and sizes. Small size - 3’4” x 6’6” - from $39.99. Check out the whole line at https://www.cgear-sandfree.com.

    Sandmat rolled up    

Lynn Rosen, co-author of “Camping Washington,” Falcon Press, Emmy award-winner, ski guidebook editor and writer, and theater critic, has a long history of both broadcast and print journalism.

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