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SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER, 2015 Vol 19 , No. 5  Lynn Rosen, Content Editor; Steve Giordano, Web Editor

  Mt. Whitney summit   Revelstoke skiing   Teton fly fishing  
  23 Days and 230 Miles on the John Muir Trail, part 2;
(part 1 here)
  British Columbia Skiing: Big White and Revelstoke

  Teton Valley, Jackson Hole, Yellowstone Condor Autumn
  The delights, and challenges, of the Muir Trail start immediately, beginning with the Mist Trail, part of the nearly 6,000-foot elevation gain between the Yosemite Valley and Tuolumne Meadows. The visual eye candy never stops.   This is a story of Canadian opposites...family friendly Big White and steep-and-deep Revelstoke: Two British Columbia ski resorts that couldn’t be more different. 

  There is a lot of God's Country in this old fly fishing world and this neck of the woods is right there at the top: Teton River, Bitch Creek, Henry's Fork of the Snake River, just to name a few.

  Hawaii idol   Ontario Kawarthas  

  Hawaii Island: Sacred Ground Reconstructed as a National Historical Park
  Reclaiming the Land of the Kawarthas by a New Generation of Canadians
  You better believe it! Iceland's "Hidden People" could be real...video  
  Honaunau National Historical Park on the Big Island is the reconstructed "Place of Refuge" used by Hawaiians for hundreds of years. There were many such sites around the islands, where citizens sought refuge and ablution when charged with breaking sacred rules.  

There has been a large influx of the sons and daughters of Peterborough’s original inhabitants who have returned to the city and to the Kawarthas to make the area bloom.  Their love of the land and what it can produce has drawn them back to the farm.


Extraordinary Reykjavik guide Stefán Helgi Valsson tells school children from Denmark about Iceland's Hidden People and where they came from. This was during a pause during a rainy bike ride one September morning.

AMTRAK Southwest scenic

Before the train started, Johnny sat down
in the bedroom, looked around at his
accommodations, and made a remark
that would never be heard on an
automobile or airline trip. He clasped
his hands behind his head, and stated,
“This is the life!”



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