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JANUARY, 2015 Vol 19 , No. 1  Lynn Rosen, Content Editor; Steve Giordano, Web Editor

  Sugarloaf Rock

California's Lost Coast, by Sylvia and Ted Blishak

The road then drops precipitously through forests and grassy hills

to meet the Pacific Ocean at Cape Mendocino and 323 foot Sugarloaf Rock, a huge offshore stack marking the westernmost point on the Pacific Coast.....more


Keeping Portlandia Weird, Part II, by Lynn Rosen
If you've got a craving for a taste of any kind of cuisine in the universe, a yearning to spend an adventure in a quirky European-style village of restaurants, brew pubs, wineries and an elegantly restored Poor House or take in the excitement of a major league basketball game, come with us to Portland and help us keep it weird....more


  RCMP pushups

RCMP BOOT CAMP, by Yvette Cardozo

I couldn’t believe how fit you have to be to even get accepted, much less last the six months of training at Depot, the RCMP training academy in Regina, Saskatchewan. I think it’s all those pushups...more

  Whitewater ski run

Nelson and Whitewater, B.C., Canada...Winter Pleasures, by Larry Turner
I met a lady named Mandy who makes candles and fire starters from recycled rubbish. “I'm turning trash to treasures,” she tells me. Her glassblower neighbor Dan Farden of Ourglass Studio and Gallery makes beautiful earrings, bracelets, pipes and necklaces. Skiing was my main reason for being in Nelson, and ski I did....more

  Killington snowboarder

Meeting The Beast: Killington, Vermont, by Vicki Hoefling Andersen

A friend from Southern California put it bluntly: “Why would I fly over the Sierra Mountains, bypass the Wasatch range, and skim across the peaks of the Rockies to ski Vermont?”....more

  Dubrovnik window

CROATIAN SURPRISES, Walled Cities, Waterfalls, Roadside Stands, by Lee Juillerat
Dubrovnik’s main attraction is its walled Old City, a place of refuge from invading armies since the 7th Century. Like Split, Dubrovnik is a coastal city, an historic important trading center. The wall was built to repel invaders. One 9th Century siege lasted 15 months....more

  Leiden canal

CANAL CITY DISCOVERIES: Leiden, Bruges, Strasbourg, by Les Furnanz
If you've visited and enjoyed the canal cities of Venice or Amsterdam, three lesser-known yet incredible canal cities await your further European explorations. My wife and I were pleased to find that Leiden in Holland, Bruges in Belgium, and Strasbourg in France were all within a 300-mile circle of public transportation and easily accessed from Amsterdam or Paris.....more


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