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JUNE, 2014 Vol 18 , No. 3  Lynn Rosen, Content Editor; Steve Giordano, Web Edito

  Rocky Mountaineer

Canadian Train Busts Border

Considering the odds, Rocky Mountaineer's tourist train shouldn't be here at all today, much less arrive at its newest destination, Seattle, Washington.....more

  Dubai camel

Dubai Food

From amazing breakfasts that would put a gourmet buffet to shame to exotic dishes of the world and also camel, it was an adventure....more


  Cuzco, Peru, market

Delicious times at Cusco's Mercado de San Pedro

Every day is a farmer’s market day in many of Peru's cities and villages. Just like Alice's Restaurant, they're  places where you can get everything you want.. ...more

  Camp at Moro Bay, California

Camping the Northern California Coast

It has been a 3-week adventure traveling in April 2014, down California Highway 101 and 1 along the coast south from the Oregon border. We reached our southernmost camp at Morro Strand State Park, making it our eighth and final encampment....more








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