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Ski Camps in Summer?
Timberline’s Summer Ski Race Camp
Puts a Zip in Your Skiing

We were all a bit nervous, never having run gates or committed to a week of downhill ski lessons and training. The four of us (my sons Paul and Ken; my husband, Les and myself) were taking our first ski race camp at Timberline, Oregon. But excitement soon replaced our apprehension as we realized we were having one of the best vacations ever! We were in the beautiful Cascade Mountains; our home for the week was Timberline Lodge (you can’t beat that for ambiance); and best of all, we were having fun on the slopes.
In their third year of skiing, my boys really devoured the technical aspects of racing—they wanted to ski well and hoped to translate that into winning races. This camp was just what they needed to hone their skills and was the catalyst to many years of racing. Myself, I just wanted to learn to carve turns and to "look good" on the slopes—a tall order to fill. By the end of the week, I was learning to carve, rather than skid my turns, and even ran a slalom course successfully. What a way to build confidence!
It’s Not Just Skiing

Although it’s been a long time since my first race camp, the typical format hasn’t changed dramatically. Your ski day starts with an early 7:00 a.m. ride via an express chair to the Palmer Snowfield. Drills, practice gates, racing, free-skiing, and lunch take you to 1 p.m. when you descend to the lodge. But your day of fun doesn’t stop there. Mount Hood’s playground beckons with hiking, swimming, rafting, and windsurfing activities; as well as soccer, volleyball, and dryland training. Video analysis, equipment demos, and tuning clinics are also offered.

You Don’t Need To Be A Racer

Camps are tailored to meet the needs of individuals or groups, so racing skills are not a prerequisite for attendance. Race camps are a great tool to help your skiing reach a new level. The coaches help you set personal goals to heighten your ability level and ripen your competitive skills. Timberline’s Summer Ski Race Camps range from six to twelve days, but a shorter session can be arranged with the staff.

The Family Camp is a six day session offered June through July. The training that parents and kids share together will build lifetime memories. It is designed for families with young racers ages 6 and above.

Want to pick up your pace on the slopes? Timberline’s Speed Camp is designed to get you down the hill faster! Giant Slalom and Downhill techniques used by the pros will be integral parts of your training. This camp is open to racers aged 12 and above who want to pick up their pace.

For those of you who want to put a new competitive edge in your skiing, the Adult Masters Camp fits the bill. Open to skiers over the age of 20, this camp not only focuses on sharpening skiing technique, but offers off-hill activities such as golf, windsurfing, and scenic touring.

Performance Camps are offered in the summer from June through August. Technical and tactical drills, with an emphasis on gate training for Giant Slalom and Slalom racing, will be stressed. This is an ideal camp for both the beginner and more experienced competitor, to give them an edge for the next winter season.

Come on Up!

What keeps the skiers coming to train at Timberline? The quality of coaching they get in a concentrated time is unlike any ski school lesson taken at any resort in the winter. Their professionals include coaches from the Professional Ski Instructors of America, who have high certification standards, with expertise knowledge to help racers build strong skiing skills.

Training in the summer under blue skies and great snow conditions is an experience in itself. Being in Oregon with the multitude of recreation activities, which is the second half of every day, makes Timberline the perfect destination to fine-tune your snowsport skills.

Although Timberline Summer Ski Race Camps don't cater to snowboarders, snowboard camps and ski camps, run by different providers, train on the Palmer Snowfield.

High Cascade Snowboard Camp welcomes all ability levels. Located in Government Camp, just below Timberline, snowboarders ages 12 and above can participate in snowboard instruction.

Other camps offering snowboard instruction include the Mount Hood Snowboard Camp and the Mount Hood Summer Ski Camp.

Click here for details to plan your own summer skiing trip to Timberline and for links to many camps
run on the Palmer Snowfield.

                         Rita Furnanz

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