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AUGUST-SEPTEMBER, 2009 Vol 13 , No. 5   Steve Giordano, Editor

NORTH VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, by Lynn Rosen, photos and videos by Steve Giordano
  Author Lynn Rosen   Jazz Organist Barbara Dennerlein  
  Author Lynn Rosen
Sean Fenton photo
  Jazz Organist Barbara Dennerlein
Discover high adventure full of thrilling zips, stunning views, wildlife sightings, windy waters, fabulous French food, world-class jazz, and a waterfront boutique hotel in the middle of a friendly, diverse neighborhood at the foot of a ski resort mountain. Halfway around the world? No. North Vancouver! Zip trek high over Vancouver at Grouse Mountain, walk between the trees over the forest at Capilano Suspension Bridge, kayak the waters of Indian Arm, feast French at Le Bistro Chez Michel and get up close and personal with the remarkable and beautiful young jazz organist, Barbara Dennerlein....More
Hiking Zion National Park, by Lee Juillerat 
  The Narrows is a trail unlike others. Located in Utah’s Zion National Park, the undefined trail meanders 16 miles through a slot canyon where the walls soar up to 2,000 feet high and sections of the canyon squeeze only 20 feet wide. Most of the trail involves walking and wading in the river. Depending on the river flow and its unseen hydraulics, the water depth ranges from ankle-deep to shoulder-high....More  
The Narrows Trail, Zion National Park
The Narrows Trail, Zion National Park
Crested Butte, Colorado, by Vicki Andersen
Hang Gliding above Crested Butte   Nestled in Colorado’s glacier-carved Slate River Valley and encircled by three wild erness areas and more than a million acres of national forest are a pair of “buttes” -- Crested Butte and Mt. Crested Butte -- with an ambience and "attitude" like no other. 
Founded in 1880 by European immigrants lured by rich strikes of gold and silver, Crested Butte prospered as a supply town to the neighboring mines. When the precious metals ran out, the town was kept alive by coal mining....More
Hang Gliding above Crested Butte             Mark Parsons photo    
UnNamed, USA, story and photos by Larry Turner
  In the doldrums of summer, in the land of my birth, I go to the mountains to quench my thirst. It will be called UnNamed, USA where I go. All of us have a special place called UnNamed. Some are fortunate to have many. It’s not a place available for general public consumption, like we travel writers make a living exposing, or in most cases, ruminating about places from our own subjective experience that have been written about time after time. You have to find your UnNamed on your own.  I’m sure you already have. If not, find your own and tell no one (or very few)....More   UnNamed, USA  
UnNamed, USA

“You can never be two strong for an outdoor adventure."  Join the author as he struggles for the fitness level he needs to truly enjoy his next outing…...more 


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