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Traveling There: Independent travelers to Turkey enter and exit the country through the major city of Istanbul. Airlines serving Istanbul include British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa, and Air France. Links and phone numbers for these airlines are provided in this magazine’s Airlines page. U.S. and British citizens require a visa, obtainable upon landing, before passing through the passport control station. Independent travelers will be best served in reaching Selcuk, a resort city 2 km. east of Ephesus, by bus from Istanbul, via the large city of Izmir.

Most North American and European travelers to Turkey and other destinations in the Near East opt to go with a guided tour, such as a cruise ship or complete land tour package which starts in Istanbul. The reason for this is probably best explained by noting the language and cultural differences and the relative difficulties of independent travel in Turkey’s public transportation system. Those who visit Ephesus via cruise ship will be docking in the port of Kusadasi, then busing to Ephesus, 30 km. distant. Ephesus is one of the most frequented tourist stops in Turkey due to its unique archaeological offerings. The recommended guidebook covering Ephesus and all of Turkey is Lonely Planet Turkey.


Touring Ephesus: Be sure to have the services of a registered guide. If you are traveling with a group such as a cruise or land package, these services are covered in the tour package. Otherwise, obtain a reference to a guide at your hotel or the tourist office in Selcuk.

Fast Facts: Turkey won its war for independence against Britain and the WWI Allies in 1923. It remains an independent country with a long history of conflict with its neighbors, Greece and Syria. The population is primarily Turkish, immigrants from central Asia 700 years ago who formed the Ottoman Empire. The predominant religion is Islam. Turkey occupies the Anatolian Peninsula of Asia Minor, extending westwards towards Greece and Europe. It has a population of approximately 70 million in an area twice the size of California. Turkey is becoming a popular travelers’ destination due to its richness in archaeological sites covering many Asian and European civilizations.

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