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2021, OUR 25TH YEAR

Story by Lynn Rosen, photos as attributed


With the holidays approaching and wish lists appearing, it never hurts to have a few ideas on your own “to-do” list. Here are a few possibilities that just might suit someone’s fancy - or maybe even your own.

  Stox - run right   Stox - run left  
These compression stockings - STOX - contribute to better performance.

Yep, it’s true. These are actually compression socks. Super sexy, right? I always thought they were just for grannies and pregnant people. Uh-uh. Let’s take another look.

So did this pique your interest? Are you concerned about comfort and health? Convinced these super STOX could actually contribute both fashion and comfort to better performance? Improve overall health and wellness for everyone - not just grannies and pregnant people?

  Stox for track   Stox for running  
High-tech, moisture-wicking fabrics help prevent calf cramps and injuries during and after any exercise endeavor.
A seamless toe piece helps prevent muscle pain, blisters and sweaty feet during hiking, running, and other outdoor activities.

Well then, who does wear them? Olympic athletes, frequent flyers (STOX actually helps prevent traveler’s thrombosis, which always starts in the calf), people on their feet all day (chefs, hairstylists, doctors, etc.), everyone looking to improve their athletic performance, recovery time, comfort level and energy, while minimizing pain, tired, and heavy legs.

How do they work? STOX redistributes waste fluids from your legs faster than your body can manage on its own, resulting in a fitter and more vital feeling. The company was founded by the son of a vascular surgeon (who sure knew a thing or two) to stimulate the blood circulation of your feet and legs. STOX Energy socks come in four different categories with supporting testimonials from every one of them. STOX is the official supplier to many sports teams including rowing, hiking, tennis, baseball/softball, speed skating, cycling, field hockey, and ice hockey. And by the way, no more cold feet when you’re skiing.


  Stox  on author   Stox on author  
Every STOX has a designated left and right foot with letters on the baby toe side.
Photo by Steve Giordano
Everyday STOX can be worn, as the name indicates, every day for any activity.
Photo by Steve Giordano

When this reviewer first put on her Everyday STOX, it was love at first squeeze—color, fabric, composition, compression, comfort—these are not my grannie’s flesh-colored knee-highs. Have been wearing them biking, hiking, walking, running, cardio classes, etc., to great advantage for weeks. Happy legs, happy feet.

  Stox on skiing guy   Stox  on skiing girl  
Skiing performance is enhanced with a high-compression effect that improves blood circulation in the legs resulting in warm feet.

STOX socks
Prevent tired and painful legs
Preventative against varicose veins
Result - less fluid and swelling in the legs
Comes in three sizes, many colors, Merino wool, made in Italy, graduated compression.
$49 pair, but check website for specials and more information.

Here a just a few more delicious and useful items you might want to consider for those stockings (STOX?) hanging from the mentle.


Zipper repair without tools, thread or needles

  FixnZip   FixnZip  

If you’ve ever had a zipper go on the fritz, especially if it happens to be your suitcase, sleeping bag or jacket while you’re on vacation or not, you’ll welcome this simple new gadget. FixnZip, a tiny four-piece kit, slides over any broken zipper and replaces it as a new zipper. Whew! You can get your suitcase open (or closed), get that jacket or sleeping bag closed (or open) and then easily reuse the kit on another item. It repairs tooth and coil, metal and plastic zippers. Find detailed instructions on their website. URL listed below.  

FixnZip comes in three sizes (small, medium, large), about $20 per kit.
For more information, please visit their website at


  Health-conscious consumers have a solid choice in LivBar’s organic nutrition bar. Their motto? ”Finally a food bar made from real food.” Easily stashed in a pocket, bag or backpack, - or stocking - bikers, hikers, skiers, all outdoor activity-minded enthusiasts can find a fitness food that’s actually made from real organic ingredients - no chemicals, no dyes, no gluten, soy, dairy, corn or GMO. Just real stuff like pumpkin, hemp and sunflower seeds, quinoa, flax, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, natural flavors, all organic - and so much more. They support your immune system and won’t melt on your mountain adventures.   Live Bar  
  Live Bar   Founded in 2012 by Jan Johansen, nutrition and fitness expert, LivBars are produced and manufactured at their own solar-powered facility in Salem, Oregon, and use only compostable wrappers. They come in five flavors and sell for about $33 for a 12-pack, depending on your choice. And, yes - there is a vegan variety as well. For more information, please visit  

APEX BackCountry Meat Sticks

  Apex Meat Stick   Apex Meat Sticks   Apex Meat Sticks  

A must-have protein ‘grab n’ go food you’ll want to take along on your next adventure is the APEX Protein Stick, as the founders call it - “Food Fit for Adventure!”

Featuring high protein levels expected out of a snack stick, made with wild game meats, no filler ingredients, and very little sugar, Apex BackCountry Sticks are truly fit for adventure. Conveniently packaged in individual units, Apex BackCountry Sticks are the ultimate portable protein snack. 90 calories, 9 grams of protein and only 3 grams of sugar, these nutritious, all-natural snacks will get you through the rocky places, carry you further, and keep you going longer. And they won’t melt on your adventure either!
A package of 12 costs about $25. Did we mention they’re gluten-free and taste pretty darned good? For more information, please visit their website at

  Lynn Rosen is an Emmy award-winning TV broadcaster, producer and director, and has been on the Journalism and Theatre faculties at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Wash. She’s also a theater critic, travel writer, published author, fearless skier and belongs to the American Theatre Critics Association (ATCA) and the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW).   Lynn Rosen