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OCTOBER-NOVEMBER, 2009 Vol 13 , No. 6   Steve Giordano, Editor

  Santiago Church  
  THE HIGHLANDS OF GUATAMALA, Story and photos by Vicki Andersen  
  I don’t know the source of my fascination with the Maya, their ancient cities and present-day towns, their brilliant comprehension of astronomy and mathematics, their amazing sculptures and murals, their intriguing beliefs and ceremonies. There is certainly no clue nor connection in my family tree; perhaps it stems from a past life I lived in their world. All I know is that somewhere along the line, this civilization has imprinted itself on my soul and psyche. And every time I visit Guatemala, I am amazed at the beauty of the country, the wealth of the culture and the  stunning adventure waiting to be experienced....more  
  Native art throughout this Washington State AAA-Four Diamond Tulalip Resort rivals museum quality pieces. A fellow adventurer commented that there was more native art per square foot at Tulaip Resort than in any museum he's ever seen. A brochure for self-guided tours throughout the resort is in the planning stages, as is a nearby museum devoted entirely to native art....more  


  \ Tulalip artist James Madison
Tulalip artist James Madison


St. Cirque Lapopie

Black Hole....France's Cele Valley is home to Europe's oldest traces of early mankind, the cave Pech Merle. David, an American on his first trip there, is faced with the daunting task of realizing his recently deceased father's legacy in this land that time forgot. Enjoy High on Adventure's first foray into travel adventure fiction....more





KAYAKING THE NA PALI COAST, Story and photos by Lee Juillerat

It was like nothing I’d ever experienced, a rite of passage right into a watery inferno. Passing through the darkened, tunnel-like entrance, the gash opened into a broad amphitheater. Incoming waves pounded against the walls, the sound echoing and reverberating like roaring lions. The other kayaks in our seven-boat flotilla followed, emerging from the oblique light into the spacious room. Our guides said nothing, leaving each of us to our individual thoughts. I don’t remember that Tom and I talked. Words seemed unnecessary. We were sitting high and dry, but soaking in the setting....more

  Kayaking the Na Pali Coast  




AFRICAN HIGH ADVENTURE: LUXURY STYLE Story and photos by Kathy M. Newbern and J.S. Fletcher

It takes effort to get here, but it’s worth every flight-mile logged, from jumbo jet to eight-seat charter landing on an open-field airstrip. When the blacktop runs out, the plane continues to taxi on packed gravel. When it’s remote you’re after, as one fellow “camper” put it: “the smaller the plane, the better the place you’re going.”...more




BURNING MAN Part 1, Photo essay and words by Larry Turner

Burning Man is a spectacle of art, fusion, revelry, poetry, celebration and expression that takes place every year during Labor Day Weekend. It is truly an unexplainable event (though all of us will try) where a city (Black Rock City) of 50,000 is created and dismantled. Burning Man is a visual feast—a manifestation of inner words and thoughts brought to visual finiteness, or, at least, worthy attempts.This year’s theme was Evolution....more

  Burning Man  
  Mackinac Island Biking  

Mackinac Island, Michigan, Story by Janet Webb Farnsworth

With a flourish of his pen, President Ulysses S. Grant turned Mackinac Island (pronounced Mack-in-aw) into a national park in 1875. Located in the Straits of Mackinac that connect Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, the scenic and historic region was a popular summer retreat in danger of being destroyed. National Park status and Army administration protected the area until 1895 when it became Michigan’s first state park....more



STUCK IN ASHLAND, Humor by Lance K. Pugh

Just then the phone rang and within seconds I had a cell phone firmly attached to my ear. While forcefully prying my hand away from the phone I, through sheer force of habit, reached for my reading glasses to help me glean any Houdini-like information from the packaging. This was not a smart maneuver as I instantly added glasses and packaging to the molecular trap, which like a black hole, never lets go of anything....more

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